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2019.9.30    [日本語はこちら(Japanese)]

--The following is a small talk...---------

I'm making apps alone.
There is no unity in category, but the same developer made it with all my might.
I'm making apps for what I need.
If those help or amuse you, I'm happy.

Morse game

Music plays only on the final stage.
I gets sleepy when playing this game at night.

RK note

I made it because it is hard for me to enter the keyboard on a small screen.


For my server maintenance. It was toooo hard to implement vt100 functions.
I wish it help engineers like me...

This app use JSch for ssh connection. No other OSS libraries. (ex: I don't use connect-bot.)
Less app-permissions and small memory size, but serious made.
This is rare app to pass "Test of cursor movements" of vttest command.


I wanted a screen filter with few app permissions. And I wanted to make it a little more useful and fun if app requires strong app permissions like "overlap screen".
...But I overdid it. I often use it as a timer with the music box. (...this is screen filter ;-)

Have fun!